TSM & Co. formed because of the sheer volume of below standard formal shoes in Pakistan. No shoes existed that could provide the style sought after by men looking to make a statement. Thus began our journey to establish ourselves as the benchmark of fine footwear in Pakistan, footwear now worn by high profile country managers, CEOs and directors. With our craftsmen boasting over 40 years of experience in shoemaking industry internationally and locally, every shoe holds the sophistication and character you would expect from the luxurious city they are named after. That is the touch of TSM & Co. Inaugurated as the shoemakers of choice for the quintessential gentleman, every shoe we produce is a showcase of status and merit.


TSM & Co. started as a single page on the internet, making shoes in the family home using the same traditional hand processes that were used in the 19th century. These processes are the core reason as to why our shoes are unmatchable, despite limited capital in the early stages and shortage of high quality materials in local market; we never swayed from our dedication to the ideal. With the on-going growth of the business, thanks to the amassed knowledge within the family, ranging from fashion to manufacturing and trading, we were able to become overcome our difficulties.


At The ShoeMakers & Co. we are now established as the chosen brand for the modern gentleman who is looking to a shoe which makes a statement about their intent. The shoes are not just something to keep your feet comfortable, but a symbol of the person you are, a professional. For this, we only use the finest leather sourced from Italy, to provide the unmatchable quality.


Having established TSM & Co. as the elite shoe crafters in Pakistan; we now look to revive the handmade shoe industry in our country, an industry centered in Karachi, since the early British Colonial rule. This history has fully established Karachi as one of the largest exporters of tanned leather in the world. We also look to innovate and push the boundaries of excellence; we undertake intensive training and research in the pursuit of excellence. Our longevity is not only attributed to our family orientated core, but the hard work and superiority of our product we are dedicate to producing.


Throughout the learning process, we have concentrated on the development of our craftsmanship to leave the customer with a superior shoe. Using our traditional techniques, each shoe can be tailored to a specification stated prior. We ensure that the foundation of each shoe is to radiate class, whilst not sacrificing comfort. To achieve this we use premium calf leather and patented multilayered Italian calf skin soles.

And as the saying goes, good shoes take you to good places, so start your journey with fine footwear from The Shoemakers & Company